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Stemming from an original African language, Sesotho, Kopana translates to

and forms one of the core values of who we are and what we value

"Get together"

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About Us

Established in January 2007, Kopana Power swiftly emerged as the authorized distributor for Hoppecke Batteries in South Africa. Evolving from a focus on Nickel Cadmium batteries, our company now offers a comprehensive array of NiCad, valve regulated, and vented lead-acid battery solutions, catering to diverse industry needs. In 2017, we further bolstered our product portfolio by introducing locally manufactured chargers and UPS systems. Kopana Power proudly stands as a 26% black-owned, 13% black female-owned enterprise, boasting a BBBEE level 4 accreditation and a CIDB rating of 7EP.

Our Mission

At Kopana Power, we believe in the power of exceptional quality and unwavering dedication. We understand that behind every remarkable product lies an exceptional team. That's why we bring together top-tier products and talented individuals to create comprehensive solutions for the African energy market.

Our Vision

By fostering strong, seamless relationships across energy markets, our vision is to establish Kopana Power as the premier supplier of the highest quality energy solutions in Africa, while maintaining our uncompromising values.


Our Values



At Kopana Power, dedication is not just a value; it's our guiding principle. We are committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in all our endeavors, driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection



At Kopana Power, integrity is our bedrock. We conduct our business with unwavering honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, fostering trust and respect among our stakeholders as we strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings.



Quality is ingrained in everything we do. From product development to customer service, we uphold the highest standards to ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed expectations, delivering enduring value to our clients.



Innovation fuels our progress. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility, continuously exploring new ideas and technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and success for our clients.

Kopana Power team
Students working on an engineering project
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Our Community

IkamvaYouth is a pivotal non-profit organization committed to elevating disadvantaged youth from grades 9 to 12 out of poverty and into promising futures through tertiary education or employment. Located just 10 minutes from our premises, the Mamelodi branch exemplifies this mission with its impressive 100% matric pass rate in 2022, reflecting their unique youth-driven, cost-effective, and impactful approach.


IkamvaYouth's programs emphasize peer-to-peer learning, volunteer mentorship, and community engagement, fostering an environment where learners can succeed against the odds.


Learn more about their impactful work and how to contribute to their mission at IkamvaYouth.


(012) 803 0366



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