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Hoppecke in South Africa

Kopana Power has been representing Hoppecke Batteries since 2007 and is the official authorised distributor of Hoppecke, offering cost effective, state-of-the-art energy storage and power solutions complimented with locally manufactured UPS’s and charging systems to the African power industry for industrial applications.

Our Battery Products

Hoppecke Vented Batteries

Hoppecke | Grid Power Batteries

We offer sealed and vented lead-acid, as well as semi-sealed nickel cadmium solutions

Hoppecke Rail Lithium Battery

Hoppecke | Rail Batteries

We offer lithium, lead-acid valve-regulated, nickel cadmium, and lead-acid vented solutions

Hoppecke Solar Batteries

Hoppecke | Solar Batteries

We offer sealed and vented lead-acid solutions. 

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