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Hoppecke | Sun

Explore our diverse range of solar battery solutions designed to harness the power of the sun and provide reliable energy storage for your needs.

Hoppecke | Sun | Vented

sun | power V L is a low- maintenance, vented lead-acid battery, which is perfectly preserved for cyclical use. The tubular plates are made with woven gauntlets, which contain a very high resin content and are used for a long, robust period

Hoppecke Solar Vented Battery

Solar Vented Battery

Hoppecke | Sun | VRLA

In contrast to conventional AGM batteries, the sun | power VRM series relies on a high tin alloy for the production of the electrodes. This, in combination with a high active mass density, leads to excellent cycling properties, which can also be transferred to operation with partial discharge (partial state of charge - PSoC).

Hoppecke Solar AGM Battery

Solar AGM Battery

Hoppecke | Sun | Tubular

The valve-regulated lead-acid batteries of the sun | power VR L series are specially designed for high energy throughputs. This is achieved by the proven design of tubular plates and an electrolyte fixed in gel

Hoppecke Solar Tubular battery

Solar Tubular Battery

Hoppecke | Sun | Circulation System

The electrolyte circulation system sun | air pumps filtered ambient air via a hose system into the lower area of the battery cell. The air bubbles released there rise in the electrolyte and thus lead to an even distribution of the electrolyte density in each cell.

Hoppecke Solar Circulation System

Sun Circulation System

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