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Eltek | Rectifiers and Converters

Discover our cutting-edge, locally manufactured, industrial thyristor-based battery chargers and UPS solutions, engineered to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your critical operations. Explore our range, including state-of-the-art industrial switch-mode chargers, inverters, rectifiers, and converters.

Eltek | HE/SHE Rectifiers

Eltek Flatpack Rectifier

Flatpack2 She Rectifier

The Flatpack2 Super HE is contributing to setting the new industry standard for efficiency in the DC power market. With an efficiency of 97.8% the Super HE is a premium rectifier particularly suitable for markets and applications where the energy is costly.

Eltek | Flatpack DC/DC Converter

Flatpack2 DC/DC Converter

Eltek DC/DC Converter

Its high efficiency helps on the overall efficiency of a remote DC power feed and hence also the business case for selecting such a solution for powering remote sites. Its small dimensions make it perfect for integration into custom server racks.

Eltek | Smartpack 2 Touch

Eltek Smartpack 2 Touch

New features and look on a well-tested control platform Eltek’s new Smartpack2 Touch controller offers much more than its delicately designed exterior suggests. It will be for power system managers what the smart phone is for people in general: so powerful and yet so simple to use it becomes an essential part of daily life. The Smartpack2 Touch is the next generation controller, and its the only controller that you need. It supports all your equipment, Eltek, Delta or 3rd party, and it has the highest security rating.

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