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CE+T | Inverters

Discover our cutting-edge, locally manufactured, industrial thyristor-based battery chargers and UPS solutions, engineered to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your critical operations. Explore our range, including state-of-the-art industrial switch-mode chargers, inverters, rectifiers, and converters.

CE+T | Modular Inverter

The Flatpack2 Super HE is contributing to setting the new industry standard for efficiency in the DC power market. With an efficiency of 97.8% the Super HE is a premium rectifier particularly suitable for markets and applications where the energy is costly.

CE+T Modular inverter

TSI Bravo Modular Inverter

CE+T | Monitoring and Control

Its high efficiency helps on the overall efficiency of a remote DC power feed and hence also the business case for selecting such a solution for powering remote sites. Its small dimensions make it perfect for integration into custom server racks.

CE+T Monitoring and Control

T2S ETH with Catena

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