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Tower Electronics | Industrial Chargers and UPS

Discover our cutting-edge, locally manufactured, industrial thyristor-based battery chargers and UPS solutions, engineered to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your critical operations. Explore our range, including state-of-the-art industrial switch-mode chargers, inverters, rectifiers, and converters.

Tower Electronics | Thyristor-based Battery Charger

Tower Electronics Battery Charger

Thyristor-based Battery Charger

  • Phase-Controlled Thyristor based industrial charger

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled 12-pulse battery chargers

  • Easy to use colour graphic touch screen

  • Wide range of sizes available

  • Full charge functions

  • Predictive load regulator reduces stage switching

  • Fully digital setup from display (no PC required)

  • Event logging and alarm history (web accessible)

  • Embedded SNMP Ethernet and web pages

  • Parallel function with CAN bus sharing

  • Password limited access

  • IEC test approved

Tower Electronics | Industrial UPS

Tower Electronics UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Designed in accordance with Eskom’s industrial UPS specifications

  • Bypass, rectifier and inverter isolation transformers

  • Fully digital 12pDSP battery charger complies to IEC1652

  • Fully digital DSP based inverter control

  • Integrated static transfer switch and bypass switchgear

  • Ethernet based and cellular cloud based remote monitoring available

  • Full local support nationally

1st Place Ribbon for Locally Manufactured battery chargers

Manufactured in South Africa

Tower Electronics | Battery Tripping Unit

  • DSP / microprocessor controlled chargers

  • 12 pulse, 6 pulse, single phase and SMPS variants

  • Full charge functions

  • Battery test function

  • Lead-acid or NiCad batteries supported

  • Self contained or stand alone cabinets

  • Incorporated load distribution available

  • Event logging and alarm history (web accessible)

  • Embedded SNMP Ethernet and web pages

  • Remote monitoring on email

  • Password limited access

Tower Electronics BTU

Battery Tripping Unit

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