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Hoppecke | Rail

Explore our diverse range of battery solutions designed to power your world efficiently and reliably. From cutting-edge VRLA and lithium technologies to specialized Nickel-Cadmium options tailored for rail applications, Hoppecke offers a comprehensive selection to meet your energy storage needs

Hoppecke | Rail | Lithium

The lithium-ion battery system offers a high degree of flexibility through the use of high-power and high-energy modules. Tailored to your requirements, an optimal ratio between fast charging capability and range is thus realised. Based on the high-power or high-energy module, the voltage, current, power and energy characteristics of the battery system can be individually scaled.

Hoppecke Rail Lithium Battery

Rail Lithium Battery

Hoppecke | Rail | VRLA

In the rail lead-acid batteries in sealed design, the electrolyte is bound in a glass fibre fleece (Absorbent Glass Mat). The valve-regulated batteries are almost maintenance-free, as no water needs to be refilled. 

Hoppecke Rail AGM Battery

Rail VRLA Battery

Hoppecke | Rail | Vented

The rail lead-acid battery (vented technology) consists of several interconnected 2V single cells in DIN format and represents a long-proven technology based on tubular and grid plate electrodes as well as liquid electrolytes. They can be reliably used in all railway vehicles, even if the available installation space is limited.

Hoppecke Rail Vented Battery

Rail Vented Battery

Hoppecke | Rail | Nickel Cadmium

Nickel-cadmium batteries are ideally suited for rail transport in extreme conditions (for example very high and very low temperatures or strong vibrations), so that a safe journey can be guaranteed. The batteries are used both as emergency power batteries and as starter batteries for starting diesel engines and are tailored to customer needs. 

Hoppecke Rail NiCad Battery

Rail NiCad Battery

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